Fake Fake Fake

We don't sell!
But we moan and groan over suppliers that sell fake flower, vegetable and exotic seeds or seeds that actually do not exist!
So you pay your money..wait a year or 2, just to find out that you have been scammed.

This blog serves to point out these fake products and scammers! Send us an email if you like to add to the list.


Fake! Boob Melons – Nice 'Vietnamese Milk Gourd or Pumpkin'

I had to laugh! This was actually pretty funny!
Fake!!  China sells more fake vegetable seeds - and they are selling great!

The objects are not naturally growing gourds or pumpkins as claimed. In fact, they are the work of Vietnamese artist, Nguyen Thi Hoai Mo and are made from silicon and other materials. The artwork luffas graced a wall at the Goethe Cafe in Hanoi.
For more info! See the below link.

Fake! Mini Bonsai Banana Seeds or Exotic Colorful Banana Seeds

My toe nails literally curled upwards when I came across those.
These do not exist - Fakes!!!

If you the reader, find something noteworthy,
and would like me to post it here - please let me know!
I'd be happy to assist!

Fraud Seeds - India, Tailand, Indonesia is now moving in - Beware!

There are several so called "Malls" that are opening up shops in various market places (Eb@y, B0nanza, Amaz0n, ecrater..etc) - Sell you dead plants and it doesn't matter if it is actually are what you ordered because..well, they are dead.

The seeds offered however are the hammer - they appear to be buying the cheapest, expired, seed varieties out there and then resell them overpriced as different varieties.
By the time you find out ..guess what! They are gone!! 

I cannot empathize this enough! Check the feedback of any company you buy from!

Businesses need to have ethics.
Worst offender thus far (feel free to add below in the comment):

-RancupidAU (etc)

These folks work out of india, tailand, indonesia etc "malls" and then set them-self up,
pretending to sell from the USA.
Of course most fall for it and hopefully.... after 6 weeks of waiting, you may get "something".