Fake Fake Fake

We don't sell!
But we moan and groan over suppliers that sell fake flower, vegetable and exotic seeds or seeds that actually do not exist!
So you pay your money..wait a year or 2, just to find out that you have been scammed.
This blog serves to point out these fake products and scammers! Send us an email if you like to add to the list.


Fake: 100pcs Mix Red Bay Seeds Strawberry Seeds Organic Fruit

 First of all, these are not even Strawberries, what in the world is this!!

 "ORGANIC" too???? - 

What a fabulous fake find!! I can only imaging what the seeds look like. 

Please submit or comment with your own sources. This fraud needs to stop.
Unfortunately some local seed "vendors"  calling them self USA SELLER are buying bulk from China and trying to to resell this garbage.

Avoid aliexpre$$ or any chinese seed vendor all you can.

Fake fake fake! 

USA OFFENDER - 5674 RIP OFFS and 99% leave good feedback 
without even knowing that they have been scammed


Fake: Popular Mexican Vegetable Seeds

Photo-shopped Pumpkin seeds for sale? Seriously?  Mexican?
Yummie... NOT!!
 Avoid aliexpre$$ or any chinese seed vendor all you can. Fake fake fake!


Fake Monilaria obconica Seeds - Rabbit plant

FRAUD! Again - and so blatantly !
Look at some of these complains "still waiting for color..." 
it makes me so mad!

Left the photo-shopped version, right the original image.
Image Courtesy I. P. WaterWorkS

Offenders: Various chinese market places
"exoticseed" on Etsy, appears to sell from Cyprus

Fake Seeds! Not for Sale at all - Tailand Parrot Impatients

Not for Sale at all - Tailand Parrot Impatients
This species is not sold anywhere.


Quote: "The Thai government has prohibited exporting this species, so it is not in cultivation,.[5] Counterfeit seeds are frequently sold.[6]"


Sold as: New Zealand colorful parrot orchid
Offender: paradise4garden on Etsy


Fake "Heirloom" Corn - Same color as my car - Plum Crazy!

Seriously? Found on -al|express and is probably sold at a lot of other chinese and US venues. This corn doesn't exist!! 

I highly recommend not buying ANY seed from china or anything that looks like the color of my car. Rip-offs. 

Do your research! 
 Small US and UK seed Companies work very hard to raise, clean and maintain true heirloom species, support THEM!

Same color as my car - I am going plum-crazy. 


Fake Sapodilla Solanum Pear Buddha

Year this one is special scam. Also known advertised as Chinese Baby Ginseng Fruit Perennial Seeds Pear Tree Seeds. 

Sapodilla is actually a Sapote and not a pear, Solanum is in the tomato family and is also not a pear. So who knows what you are actually end up getting....could be dried pepper corns.

There is no such thing as Buddha Pear "seeds" like the fruit above. 
These are actually created via a plastic mold.

For the Buddha result, the molds will have to be purchased separately and the likes are found here (we are not associated or affiliated with this website). 

However, we don't recommend wrapping your fruit in a plastic mold for several months...who knows where the plastic comes from or what it is made from.
 It's probably also from China and probably contains lead and BPA.
Waiting time for results: 7-15 years
Money lost: Between $1 and $7 per purchase.
This may not be a lot to some - It's the principal

Sold on ebay>amazon>bangood>aliexpress etc
Worst offenders:
  • luckiness87 
  • Love_luckiness87 

More will be added....

Fake Venus Flytrap Seeds from China

Fake Venus Flytrap Seeds. The original post comes from the flytrap website (see below.)

It takes years to create a reputable online business and then China sells fakes..in this case the seller got Baby's breath seed for Flytrap Seeds. Despicable!

Beware of listings that also show a “mix” of carnivorous plants, advertising a mix of seeds. No carnivorous plants from different genera should have their seeds mixed together, i.e. Sarracenia, Sundews and Nepenthes. They all have different requirements and no seller worthwhile would mix the seeds. The seller is simply lying.